Friday, February 3, 2012

The Rubber Band

Hero: Nero Wolfe
Sidekick: Archie Goodwin

The Rubber Band, as a book title, wouldn't appeal to me, but I'll read any Nero Wolfe book by Rex Stout.  Mr. Stout is a masterful puzzle maker.  I enjoy trying to solve the puzzles before Nero explains everything in the end.  I usually end up following red herrings and get distracted by false leads, but I always enjoy the ride.

The titular Rubber Band was a band of men, lead by "Rubber" Coleman, who helped a man escape from hanging.  The escapee promised the men half of what he would inherit, a considerable bounty.  The story picks up some forty years later when the daughter of a deceased band member consults Nero Wolfe.  There are too many facets of the story to reveal here, but suffice it to say, it was a fun read.  I recommend the entire Nero Wolfe collection.

I don't like rating books by a star or number system, so here's my rating system:
Bad=Quit reading the book
Fair=It was okay; I finished it
Good=I liked it
Great=I loved it; definitely would enjoy re-reading it someday

Rating for The Rubber Band: Great

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