Monday, March 1, 2010

The Headboard

I wanted this:

Emboldened by Ana at Knock-Off Wood...

I built this:

I modified Ana's plans.  I changed the width to better fit my mattress.  I used plywood instead of planks and I put a 1x6 on top instead of a 2x6 to better duplicate the bed I wanted to emulate.  Since I'm prone to stubbing toes and running into things, I skipped the footboard.  I just attached the headboard to the metal frame that came with my mattress using 4" bolts.

Here's my material list, with prices:
2-4"x4"x8'         2@$8.77          $17.54
1-1"x6"x8'                                  $10.96
2-1"x4"x8'         7.28/2.47          $9.75
3-2"x4"x8'         3@$2.58          $7.74
1-1/2"x4'x8'                                $24.12
Minwax wood conditioner         $4.99 (pint)
Minwax Jacobian wood stain     $6.49 (quart)
Gorilla Wood Glue                     $4.99
3" wood screws                        ~$7.49
4-4" metal bolts                        ~$3.16 (should have used 4-1/2")
3/8" countersink bit                    $3.69
6% tax on $100.92                     $6.06

Materials on-hand: screws, finishing nails, acrylic paint, Minwax polyshades, foam brushes, nuts, washers, drill bits, tools
Total cost:                                  $106.98

I'm pleased with that price.  Pottery Barn sells the king bed (headboard, footboard, and siderails) in the top photo for $1399 and lets you choose between two finishes.  Their version is mahogany and a mahogany veneer.  I used a combination of whitewood and pine.  Their delivery charge is $150.  Mine was less than the delivery charge.  How awesome is that?!

I'll post step-by-step photos within a couple weeks.  I work slow (and alone), but I was able to finish the cutting and building in two days.  Staining and finishing took a bit longer.  I began Tuesday morning, and the headboard was moved into my bedroom on Sunday afternoon. :)

Here it is in place: