Monday, January 30, 2012

The Case of the Curious Bride

Hero: Perry Mason
Heroine: Della Street

It's not a romance.  It's a Perry Mason mystery.  I love these books.  I've never read one I didn't like.

In this one, Rhoda Montaine is arrested for murdering her first husband, Gregory Moxley.  Her current husband Carl is ready to testify against her.  Rhoda walks into the D.A.'s trick, and claims she was ringing the doorbell outside when the murder allegedly took place.  Since a defense of self-defense is off the table, Perry must use his wit and wiles to come out a winner in the end.  He's so smart; that's why I love him.

I don't like rating books by a star or number system, so here's my rating system:
Bad=Quit reading the book
Fair=It was okay; I finished it
Good=I liked it
Great=I loved it; definitely would enjoy re-reading it someday

Rating for The Case of the Curious Bride: Great